Words about me

Saturday, October 27, 2007

Life has a lot in store, with each moment promising to teach us a lesson or two. I think the day we start to accept our limitations and learn to overcome them, life becomes a lot smoother. For now, I’ll be happy enough to help myself change  these:

Patience: Life is a journey not a destination. What we do tomorrow is direct or an indirect implication of what we did today, yesterday, or even a year ago.So, it’s about time that I slow down a bit, leave the rat race, and enjoy things for what they are.

Power napping: Watching TV at our house can sometimes lead to arguments between us. No, we don’t fight over the remote; on the contrary, it’s Manu’s refusal to accept my erratic sleeping habbit. It’s normal for me to slip in and out of power naps, while watching the news, soap operas, or even spine-chilling thrillers.

Be choosy about who and how to help.

Give credit to others when it’s due, but then again give some to yourself also.

A colleague once described me:”Miss Bold and Beautiful, but the only thing that needs to be in place is her hair!”


Eight e-mail Put-offs

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

As is the case with most workplaces, email etiquette is the new buzzword in mine as well. Everybody seems to have woken up to how atrociously slow we are while responding to our mails.

But out of all, but what I detest most about corporate e-mail is:

  • ASAP: You believe in it, others ignore it
  • The Wolf Phenomenon: Boss ignores your e-mail because you mail 20 times a day
  • Forced recipients: If it is there, might as well (ab)use it
  • Ignorance is bliss: Read it before you ask for it, again!
  • E-mail or snail mail: I send, but you don’t get, really?
  • To each its own: Why write the e-mail message in the subject
  • E-mail not chat: Do you spell? Why use ROFL, LoL, AFAIK (as far as I know), u, pls, gr8!
  • Black is beautiful: It’s e-mail, not graffiti

Got some of your own?

Murphy’s Law: When the Simple Gets Tough

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Being on the hit list of Murphy’s Law isn’t the nicest situations to be in. Even as we give in our best to waive off all possibilities of getting into it, the good old law does ensure to make its presence felt, come what may. As much as I hate it, I am once again in the mischievous hands of Murphy’s Law. This time it’s been particularly nasty, frustrating, and unusually long.

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Crime Reporter on Zee News: A Crime No Less

Sunday, August 12, 2007

To be able to fully appreciate what follows, I recommend that you watch Crime Reporter on Zee News at 11 PM. It’s the best example of how painfully funny crime reporting can get.

Manu convinced me into watching this show, which he has watched off and on for almost three years.

While reporting rapes, thefts and murders, the show’s anchor Raghavendra puts in so much drama and emotion while presenting, that one can’t help but laugh even as he unravels heinous crimes one by one.

To use an analogy, the anchor’s on-camera movements are sudden and forced, quite like to those of a jackhammer, who shakes violently between commercial breaks. His dialog delivery is also something to hear and not read about.  Eventually, the viewer is stranded far away from the premise.

Crime Reporter reminds me of a plot from an episode of Jaspal Bhatti’s TV series Flop Show. The central character, decides to direct a TV series with the genre horror. Driven by this desire he goes overboard to the extent that after going on-air, the serial draws much acclaim from audiences, not for scaring them, but for making them laugh till their stomachs ached.

No doubt, the news reported in Crime Reporter is heart wrenching, but the production team, add unnecessary background scores and emotion packed scripts read out by Raghavendra, whom you could easily mistake for the victim. But his punch line, “Chain se sona hai to jaag jao” takes the cake  and would make even Subhash Chandra Bose (known for his revolutionary speeches) blush.

But why single out Zee? Other shows such as Aaj Tak’s Jurm, Star News ‘Sansani, and India TV’s ACP Arjun  of similar genre  are no less hilarious.

Crime can never stop, but these shows must, or at least get their act together. If not, then viewers like me will continue to laugh and blog about them. Of course, guilt for not empathizing with the crime-stricken victims would be aqually apparent.